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Adventures in Synopsis Writing

My critique partner is going over the final revisions for the ending of The Heather and The Falcon. Once I’ve seen his feedback and edited anything he catches, I’ll be ready to start querying agents.

I’ve been following Writer’s Digest for new agent alerts, and I’ve come up with a decent list of agents to query. They all represent YA fantasy, and there’s three or four that I think my novel sounds like what they might be looking for. We’ll see if any of them agree.

Of the ten agents on my list, three require one-page synopsis, two ask for brief overviews of the novel, and one says they will request a 5-6 page synopsis if they are interested in the story. I guess I’d better start writing.

Writing a Synopsis

Synopsis writing is not something that comes easy for me. It’s hard to sum op the novel in conversation (“Tell me what your story’s about?”), and not much easier to put the answer on paper. In just one page, I have to convey the entire main plot of my 70,600 word novel and make an agent care about the characters.

The 9 Tips for Writing A Perfect Synopsis, written by an agent for Books & Such, includes these points:

  • Introduce the main characters. Describe their confilcts, interactions, and goals in a way that conveys emotion to the agent or editor.
  • Write a synopsis in present tense and third person.
  • Answer the question of what happens in your story by highlighting pivotal events in chronological order.
  • Synopsis must include the resolution of your main character’s conflicts and show how your story concludes.

Armed with this helpful information, and a few other websites with synopsis tips, I think I’m ready to start writing. It may even help me catch any remaining plot inconsistencies.

"Write a one-page synopsis of your novel. This should include all the main plot points, character interactions and motivations, and how the story ends." writing prompts


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