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Wine and Writing

I have finally discovered a wine I like! Moscato d’Asti. Sure, it’s not the kind of alcohol you typically think of a writer drinking, but I have no desire to join the ranks to great writing drunks and I “can’t hold my liqueur” very well.

Hemingway’s oft-quoted advice is to “write drunk, edit sober.” I know this wouldn’t work for those of us who fall asleep before reaching “drunk,” but I’m not sure it’s good advice even for coherent drinkers. A more useful application would be Kingsley’s Amis’s advice that a glass late in the day “not only makes you less self-critical, it reduces fear” and allows you to write in spite of the inner editor/critic.

Getting the creative juices flowing around the voices that say, “No one will read this,” “That’s not good enough,” and “You’ll never get the published,” is a problem for every writer. Some writers drink coffee, some eat chocolate (my writing fuel of choice), some reach for alcohol. But usually, the secret to good writing is both simpler and harder than that. Writing requires the determination to put words on the page whether you feel like it or not.

There are only two rules: 1. Butt goes in chair. 2. Words go on page. Chair is optional
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