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Why Write On Paper?

I have an inordinate amount of writing-related paper. From where I sit now, I can reach ten notebooks of various sizes and two sketchbooks. Two of these notebooks are exclusively designated “writing notebooks,” and most of the others have scraps of stories in them as well. One sketchbook is to record bits of inspiration, and larger one is full of maps. And then there’s the file cabinet ….

Why do I need all this paper if I have a perfectly good laptop? Wouldn’t it be easier to keep character sketches, plot outlines, and such in a searchable and editable format on my computer? In some ways I suppose it might be, but I’ve kept this kind of information in paper form and in neatly organized documents, and I must say I prefer the paper.

There’s just something about the act of physically putting words down on paper that I love. And, if posts I see on Pinterest are any indication, I’m not the only writer who feels this way. There are notebooks all over the house, in my purse, and specifically packed when I go on trips. I need them for when I can’t get to a computer, when I’m writer’s blocked and need to physically write something out, and for outlines that I can easily glance at without opening a different document. As I touched on in last week’s post, this is how I’m outlining my NaNoWriMo novel.

Do you have a writer’s notebook yet? If not, why not start one? Here’s a great article called “Start a Writer’s Notebook” that could help you begin. Reading it makes me realize my own notebooks are more neglected than I thought — I’m going to have to start writing in them more! I’m also thinking I should invest in some nicer notebooks (any excuse to buy new books).

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