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Just Keep Writing

Today is the 19th day of NaNoWriMo. I’ve been seeing people online talking about being almost done or already finished. I’m still just barely ahead of the day-by-day word count goal, and I’m not sure if I admire or hate these writers.

I’ve discovered that if I’m having trouble focusing on writing instead of clicking around the Internet, it can be helpful to have some kind of video playing off to the side of my computer screen or type while watching TV. It has to be something I’ve seen before or isn’t too terribly interesting, but it can distract me from my inner critic enough to just keep writing. I wouldn’t do that for editing, but it seems to work for a first draft.

My peak writing time this month has been the hours after 8 or 9 o’clock. I’ve no idea why this is, since I like to be in bed around 10:30 every night, but if the novel wants to be written between 9 and midnight every night, I suppose we’ll have to oblige it.

What tricks or techniques do you have to just keep putting words on paper/screen?


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