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Writing and Doctor Who

I’m excited for Christmas this year for one reason: Doctor Who. My family has never observed Christmas, and for years the only way this holiday affected me was that I would turn off the radio to stop the endless barrage of Christmas music. But since I joined the ranks of the Whovians, I’ve been looking looking at December 25th a little differently.

This year, we’re saying goodbye to Matt Smith. I’m going to sob uncontrollably. David Tennant is “my Doctor,” so I was prepared to hate Matt Smith for replacing him, but this raggedy man has managed to capture my heart (why does The Doctor always have to do that? he already has two hearts of his own). In honor of this important event, I’ve collected a few writing-related Doctor Who links. I hope you enjoy them.

Character Lessons from Doctor Who” by Michelle Schusterman. An excellent article discussing what we can learn from the way Doctor Who writers treat characters. Flesh out minor characters, let each character be a hero, and be creatively (rather than needlessly) cruel to the characters.

Writers Explain Why ‘Doctor Who’ is ‘Like Writing Seven Shows At Once’” by Graeme McMillan. Two writers who have worked on Doctor Who (Toby Whithouse and Chris Chibnall) talk about what it’s like to write for such an iconic show. They touch on the issue of pleasing fans, British sci-fi, and why they still watch the show.

How Doctor Who Can Help You Craft a Timelessly Engaging Marketing Message” by Tea Silvestre. This one is not so much about writing as about marketing yourself. It’s not targeted specifically at fiction writers, but the information is good.

And just for fun, here’s an article on writing in circular Gallifreyan. I doubt you’ll be penning your next novel in this elaborate language, but it can be fun to play around with.



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