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Update on the NaNo novel

You’d think that if I can write 50,000 words in a month, I’d be able to write the last 1/3 or so of the story in less than six months. Alas, I’ve learned that motivation slackens once that deadline is gone (and I’ve been distracted by other writing projects, including a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast for the Five Enchanted Roses contest). Sine November, I’ve made it to about 83,700 words. Writer’s Digest says 55,000 – 69,999 is a great range for word count in a YA novel, so I’m gussing drastic editing in terms of length will need to happen once I manage to wrap up this story. Though they do mention that the 80K range is acceptable for sci-fi and fantasy, so it might not be too bad. I’m not really worried about that until at least one round of editing is done, though, since the story will change so much. Right now I just want to finish the story.

I have the ending loosely plotted out and think it needs 6 chapters or so. Right now I have three POV characters with chapters alternating, and I think in revision I might cut out entire chapters where nothing much is happening with one character to make room for the characters whose plots are advancing. There’s no rule that says they all need the exact same number of chapters, right?

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