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30 Day Song Challenge for Writers

I was reading a blog called Classic Ramblings, and the blogger there announced she was going to do a 30 Day Song challenge in August. You can see the list she’s using, and which inspired this post, by visiting her blog. I thought it might be fun to re-write this specifically for writers. Here’s what I’ve come up with. I’ll be posting a new song each day for the first 30 days in the month of August.

I’m inviting you to join me and post links to your blogs in the comments. Or just comment with a song that fits the day’s theme. You can join in any time. Even if you’re coming to this a few months later, please feel free to share this list and contribute. I’d still love to hear from you πŸ™‚

EDIT: my song challenge is complete, but you can still comment or start a challenge of your own. I’ve updated this post with links to each of my songs (scroll down past the image).

30 Day Song Challenge for Writers. Share your songs on marismckay.comDay 01 – Your favorite song that has nothing to do with writing
Day 02 – Your favorite song that tells a story
Day 03 – A song that makes you feel like writing
Day 04 – A song for writing happy scenes
Day 05 – A song for writing sad scenes
Day 06 – A song for writing romantic scenes
Day 07 – A song for writing creepy scenes
Day 08 – A song for writing fight scenes
Day 09 – Music for writing an European setting
Day 10 – Music for writing an Asian setting
Day 11 – Music for writing a Middle Eastern setting
Day 12 – Music for writing an African setting
Day 13 – Music for writing an American setting
Day 14 – Music for writing an Island setting
Day 15 – A song your MC would listen to when they’re happy
Day 16 – A song your MC would listen to when they’re angry
Day 17 – A song your MC would listen to when they’re sad
Day 18 – A song your MC would hate
Day 19 – A song your MC would play at their wedding
Day 20 – A song your MC would want played at their funeral
Day 21 – A song for a dystopian story
Day 22 – A song for a futuristic sci-fi story
Day 23 – A song for a traditional fantasy story
Day 24 – A song for a modern story
Day 25 – A song for a historical story
Day 26 – A song for a western story
Day 27 – A song for a romance story
Day 28 – A song about words, writing, imagination, or creativity
Day 29 – A song you’ve listened to on repeat while writing
Day 30 – A song that helps you with writer’s block



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