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Things I Learned From My Song Challenge

The 30 Day Song Challenge For Writers is over, at least for me (you’re still welcome to borrow my list and host your own challenge, or weigh-in on the comments). Collecting 30 songs was more challenging, but also more fun, than I’d anticipated. Here’s four things I learned while posting a song each day for 30 days in August.

1) There’s too many songs to choose from!!!

  • Day 6 (a song for writing romantic scenes) had me stumped. There’s just so many romance songs to choose from, and I don’t just have one that I typically listen to when writing more romantic scenes.

2) There’s not enough songs to choose from!!!

  • This is rather more of an, “I’m not familiar with enough music to know which one to choose” problem. Day 24 (A song for writing a modern story) made me realize how little modern pop music I actually listen to.

3) The WordPress schedule feature is awesome.

  • Okay, perhaps scheduling posts in advance so I wouldn’t fall behind was a bit like cheating, but the ability to do this was invaluable. Especially on the weekends.

4) My taste in music includes a lot of artists who aren’t American.

  • I linked to songs by Romanz, Milladoiro, Albannach, and Mohit Chauhan. I guess I just like foreign music (especially Bollywood and Celtic, if we’re talking about music I listen to on a regular basis)

5) Posting every day is fun.

  • But I’m glad I don’t have to do that all the time. It was okay with a list of topics, but I’d rather not add that much more writing and idea-generating each day (I thing I have enough already with my copywriting, fiction, and personal blog).


Things I Learned From My Song Challenge marismckay.com



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