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Thoughts On Twitter, plus Epic Creative Flow

A few months ago, I finally joined pretty much everyone else on the planet and signed up for Twitter. And you know what? It’s already become my second-favorite social media site as a writer (right behind Pinterest).

I know I haven’t been very diligent about updating this blog (though I do keep up with Pinterest and now Twitter). The most exciting news on the writing front for me was an epic three-weeks when I was in the perfect creative flow. It was like writer’s block didn’t exist, and I sailed through a couple short stories and picked up working on a novel that I’d given up hope on a couple years ago. There aren’t many times when you can wow your friends with tales of writing exploits, but they were impressed when I described editing 149 pages of manuscript in one day. Like I said, EPIC!

Now it’s back to a more “normal” form of writing life (complete with not-so-epic procrastination), but I’m no longer stuck on that novel. I even made a sticky-note outline for it (like the one I so helpful this past NaNoWriMo).



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