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Hero and Heroine Archetypes – Updated Images

My writings about Hero and Heroine archetypes have become my most popular posts, and it makes me wish I’d taken more time with them. You know when you’re trying to get a blog post written so you become just a little bit lazy with some aspect of it? Well, I may have done that with my images (though the written part is still quite relevant).

Here are up-dated examples for each archetype. These characters fit better and are a more diverse cross-section of people. I’m afraid more than half of them are still from sci-fi/fantasy shows, but what can I say? I love my speculative fiction.

Hero Archetypes

Original Heroes Post, Part One

Original Heroes Post, Part Two

Hero and Heroine Archetypes - Updated Images

Heroine Archetypes

Original Heroines Post, Part One

Original Heroines Post, Part Two

Hero and Heroine Archetypes - Updated Images



2 thoughts on “Hero and Heroine Archetypes – Updated Images

  1. It’s fun to see all these archetypes in common movies. Especially in films I watched growing up. Do you stick to these archetypes when you write? Or play with them a little?

    Great post!
    Till next time,


    1. I often play around with them, mixing two or more archetypes together or letting the character grow from one type into another. I do enjoy writing characters that fit into just one archetype, though. These archetypes have stuck around so long for a reason — they still make for some really strong, interesting characters.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


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