Book Review

Book Review of “The Night Circus” for #FlightsofFantasy

This book was one of the re-reads on my Flights of Fantasy book list. Just a few chapters in I found myself exclaiming to anyone who would listen that I’d forgotten just how amazing this book is and they simply must read it. There’s a very good reason I purchased The Night Circus online right after reading it from the library instead of waiting to happen upon it in a book shop.Book Review "The Night Circus" for #FlightsofFantasy

The Goodreads summary is extensive. A single paragraph or two couldn’t hope to do this book justice. At it’s most basic, it’s a story about dueling magicians. Yet it’s also an intricate literary fantasy, an immersive magical world, and an epic romance set within the crucible of a traveling circus. Much like The Prestige, one of Erin Morgenstern’s inspirations, the book itself is an elaborate, seductive magic trick drawing you ever deeper into the story.

It’s a mark of great books that they’re just as compelling when re-reading as they were the first time. Once again, I sank into the world, fell in love the characters, and tied my thoughts to Le Cirque des Rêves. Knowing the ending did nothing to lessen the magic of the book and the story is so intricate that I still felt I was discovering new aspects as I re-read.Book Review "The Night Circus" for #FlightsofFantasy


Giving The Night Circus 5/5 stars on Goodreads wasn’t something I debated for even a moment. Published in 2011, it was Morgensetern first novel and I eagerly await her long-promised second novel. Having begun life as a NaNoWriMo project, this story is a perfect inspiration for those of us tackling writing a novel this November. If she can craft such a masterpiece from a NaNo draft, perhaps we can as well.


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