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Cover Reveal for Women of Kern: Book Two

I’m so excited to share the cover for my next short story collection, Women of Kern: Book Two,  which I’ll be releasing this summer. These eight new short stories and novellas set in the lush fantasy world of Kern follow the adventures of …

  • A magician whose way of life is disappearing.
  • A hostage with a dangerous secret.
  • A warrior who doesn’t want to be queen.
  • A healer with a talent for politics.
  • A mother willing to kill as many humans as needed to protect her nest.
  • A blind spymaster who can’t stop a war without destroying her family.
  • A replacement bride who falls for the wrong prince.
  • An only child who inherits her father’s feuds as well as his tribe.

This cover is inspired by Kielia, the blind spymaster who can’t stop a war without destroying her family. She’s one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written and I’m so excited to feature her on this cover.

Women of Kern: Book Two can be enjoyed as a stand-alone volume or alongside the previous book in this series, Women of Kern: Book One. You don’t have to read them in order and every story can stand on it’s own, but some of the stories do tie-in with each other.

Praise for Women of Kern: Book One:

“Each story follows … a strong female character (legitimately, diversely strong, not the kind of “strong female character” you get in most YA fiction) ” – R.M. Archer (read full review here)

“Romance and adventure. Loved the strong and courageous characters.” — 5-Star Goodreads review

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