About Ves’endlera

I did not set out to create an entire world when I started writing fantasy. It just sort of happened. I suppose the reason can best be expressed by quoting C.S. Lewis: “I wanted to write about imaginary worlds. Now that the whole of our own planet has been explored other planets are the only place where you can put them.” Parts of the map are still blank — I continue filling-in the geography as more stories develop.

Ves'endlera map, marismckay.com

With the exception of my 2013 NaNoNovel, Queen of Ariland, the Ves’endlera stories I’m actively working on take place in Kern. The Heather and the Falcon and The Chronicles of Endan are set on the north-west peninsula in the countries known as Arel and Endan. The Women of Kern collection takes place in the southern countries from Merland to Chliang.map of the fictional land of Kern




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