Heart of Endan

The Heart of Endan is a work-in-progress duology consisting of The Queen of Enden and The King of Arel. The first book picks up the history of Arel and Endan six generations after The Heather and the Falcon.


Two countries of Ves’endlera, Arel and Endan, have been at war since the Lumrians murdered Arel’s queen in the Endan King’s castle. Now, seven years later, Arel’s conquest is almost complete, the twin Princes Jamen and Jaqual leading the army to erradicate the Endans and drive out the Lumrians. But Jamen (Bryant’s great-great-great-great-grandson), is not comfortable with his father’s standing orders to kill Endans, even if they do have pointy ears. So when he captures a young Endan woman, he takes her prisoner until he can find a way to let her go without earning a death penalty. The problem, as he soon learns, is that she is Karielle, the heir to Endan’s throne. When Jamen learns her identity, will he still let her go or earn his father’s approval, and perhaps his kingdom, by turning her over?