The Heather And The Falcon

She tried her best to fight them, but 14-year-old Aelis cannot prevent Cyrel and his son Bryant from conquering her home. She watches as her father is forced to swear allegiance to Cyrel and turn her, his firstborn daughter, over as hostage. Cyrel underestimates her, however, if he thinks the title “princess” will make Aelis a cooperative captive.

Though seen as a pawn in the games of powerful men, Aelis has no intention of remaining in captivity or of marrying any suitors Cyrel brings forward. She did not teach herself to fight or read books about government and diplomacy so she could play the meek little princess who gives one of Cyrel’s lairds a chance to take over her father’s throne.

Armed with a few concealed daggers, Aelis tries not to let Bryant’s smiles or the stories she hears of failed rebellions distract her from her escape plan. Five years later, her chance for freedom finally comes, but taking it might cost Bryant his life and plunge the land into war.

The Heather and the Falcon is set in Ves’endlera, specifically north-eastern Arel, six generations before the events of The Heart of Endan series. This manuscript is complete at 70,500 words and I am currently seeking agent representation (contact me if interested)