Works in Progress

The Untold History of Ellyn Gascony, with the Battle of Miscreations together with the plot to assassinate King Henry (Parts One and Two)

NaNoWriMo project 2016. Manuscript status: third-draft

Ellyn has a secret. She can manipulate light, even bending it around herself so no one can see her. In the nation ruled by King Hendrik, that makes her something unnatural — a “miscreation.” The best thing she could do is stay out of sight. But she longs to play a more visible role, preferably by helping others like her reconcile with society. Being the Lord Chief Justice’s niece and rakish Prince Henry’s unlikely friend might give her a chance to do just that. Or things could go horribly wrong and both sides will brand her a traitor.

Note: This duology is a sci-fi/fantasy retelling of Shakespeare’s Henry IV and Henry V.

All Under Heaven

NaNoWriMo project 2015. Manuscript status: second-draft

Alehtta’s people have been under the rule of the Tian since her grandmother’s time. The Tian himself is said to have ruled Tianxia for thousands of year. His people revere him as god-like and he appears invincible as well as immortal. But behind the Tian’s ceremonial mask and the walls of his maze-like palace is a delicate political dance around leadership changes. When Alehtta is chosen as part of the tribute paid to Tianxia, she never imagined she would rise from slavery to Tian’s wife in a day, only to learn the Tian is not only mortal, but he can be usurped.


NaNoWriMo project 2014. Manuscript status: second-draft.

In the wake of nuclear disaster, scientists rush to find a cure for dangerous mutations that are killing young adults at an alarming rate. Instead, they accidentally create superhumans. Not content to remain as lab-rats, the supers break free and begin taking control of the world. At least, most of them do. One would rather remain hidden as Cady Wright, a deceptively harmless 16-year-old girl.

Queen of Ariland

NaNoWriMo project 2013. Manuscript status: first-draft.

When their triplets were born, the king and queen of Ariland (another country of Ves’endlera) decided to divide their country between the three children rather than raise one as the sole ruler. After all, with such a large and prosperous country at their disposal, there was no reason to encourage the sibling rivalry that resulted in princes and princesses killing each other in neighboring lands.

Nineteen years later, the king and queen are killed in a stormy-night accident. In spite of their grief, each child steps into their role of king or queen. Andrian becomes king of the northern land, Merchen. Marion rules as queen just south of him in Ryele. And in the southernmost land, Halia, Derien becomes queen. But one land is not enough for her, so she blackmails an assassin to ensure there will be only one Queen of Ariland.