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How The Captain Would Kill Him – Writing Wednesday Prompt

You ever type out a writing prompt, stare at it, and wonder, “What the heck is going on there?” And of course you’re a writer so you have the power to answer that question in the next story you write, but instead of doing that you just sit there and wonder.

This. This was how the captain would kill him.New writing prompt every Wednesday on #writingprompts

Writing Tips and Prompts

Deciding How To End It – #NaNoWriMo Wednesday Writing prompt

We’re on the third-to-last day of NaNoWriMo. I’m sure some of you have already hit 50,000 words, and congratulations if that’s you! For the rest of us, it’s not too late to win this thing! Let’s keep this writing thing going with today’s prompt:

Ask your character what else they want to accomplish. Will your ending be more satisfying if the character achieves these goals? Or do their plans need to fall apart one more time before the end?

NaNoWriMo Writing Prompts | #writingwednesday

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What Do Your Characters Want? – #NaNoWriMo Wednesday Writing prompt

We’re two weeks into NaNoWriMo! How’s it going so far?

Here’s the writing prompt for this week:

Take a moment to evaluate your characters’ motivation. Are you (and they) clear on what they want? Make sure you put plenty of obstacles in their way as the story develops.

NaNoWriMo Writing Prompts | #writingwednesday

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And It Was Not Your Hand On My Shoulder – Wednesday Writing prompt

They were about ready to give up on waiting when a hand touched their shoulder. A smile parted their lips as they turned their head, but then they saw the fingers touching them weren’t the right shape nor the skin the expected color.

A voice behind them said, “[character name] won’t be joining you tonight, my dear.”For an extra challenge: write this as a non-romantic scene. Writing Prompts | #writingwednesday